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Getting a Divorce in PA: The Main Challenge

When it comes to filing for divorce in Pennsylvania, most couples don’t know where to start. How to apply for divorce in PA? The most difficult step in the process of dissolution of marriage is collecting all the required documents for your legal breakup. Getting a quick divorce in Pennsylvania depends on how fast you are able to prepare the documents for your divorce. Moreover, you will need to wait for at least 90 days to get your divorce finalized. Therefore, if you made a decision to file for divorce in PA, it is recommended to start collecting your papers as soon as possible. In case you are looking for a quick divorce in PA, we are always ready to assist you with collecting the documents for your legal breakup. The truth is that our service will collect all your PA divorce documents faster than the lawyer – you will get all divorce forms Pennsylvania in less than 30 minutes.

PA Divorce Forms: What Papers Will You Get?

Our service provides with all the needed documents for each divorce case. The number of documents depends on the specific features of your dissolution of marriage. Generally, the divorce package will include:

  1. Petition for divorce
  2. Forms for dividing the assets or property
  3. Forms for dividing the debt
  4. Forms regarding child care
  5. Other forms for dissolution of marriage, depending on your divorce case

How to Get a Divorce in PA? Choose the Type of Your Legal Breakup

How to get a divorce in Pennsylvania? What is the difference between the contested and uncontested divorce? What do I need to file for divorce in PA? These are the most common questions most spouses ask us when launching their divorce processes.

The first step of any dissolution of marriage Pennsylvania is choosing the type of your divorce. There are only 2 kinds of divorces:

  • Contested legal breakup. This type of dissolution of marriage requires getting legal advice for divorce in PA and is incredibly expensive. A contested divorce takes place when spouses need a third party to solve their issues during the legal breakup, such as child care or dividing the property. Cheap divorce in Pennsylvania is hardly possible for contested dissolution of marriage. That is why most spouses try to have an agreement on the most important divorce aspects for getting a divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer.
  • Uncontested legal breakup. This is a simple divorce in PA. You and your spouse should have a common vision on all your personal divorce matters to get Pennsylvania uncontested divorce. Although this type of dissolution of marriage can be finalized with the help of the lawyer, most spouses still choose do it yourself divorce in PA.

Filing for Divorce in PA: No More Lawyers

Why do most spouses prefer filing for divorce in PA without a lawyer? There are lots of reasons for choosing PA divorce online:

  1. Lawyers’ services are incredibly expensive. The average lawyer’s rate is $300 per hour. Each divorce case requires at least 15 hours of lawyer’s time for communicating with clients, preparing divorce forms in PA, filling out the papers and giving instructions about PA divorce paperwork. Therefore, in case you will get the legal help for preparing your Pennsylvania divorce forms, the total cost of your dissolution of marriage will boost up to $5,000. How much is a divorce in PA in this case? Paying filing fees and getting the legal advice altogether will cost you about $10,000.
  2. Local lawyers are very busy. You will need to wait for at least a few days or even weeks to get the lawyer’s consultation. Therefore, your divorce process will be slowed down for this period. You will also need to spend plenty of your personal time to visit the divorce expert.

That is why most couples choose online divorce in PA rather than consulting the lawyer. It is fast and easy.    

Do It Yourself Divorce PA Without Any Help: The Hidden Dangers

Some couples decide to get a DIY divorce PA without any lawyer’s help or assistance of online service for dissolution of marriage. How to file for divorce in PA without an attorney or any help of online divorce solution? This way, you will need to find on the Internet and collect all Pennsylvania divorce documents by yourself. But is it worth trying?

  • There are lots of PA uncontested divorce forms on the Internet that are completely outdated. These papers will not be accepted by the court. Only divorce professional can pick up the newest forms for dissolution of marriage.
  • Mistakes in the divorce documents is another common reason for the court’s refusal to proceed with your papers. You will need to fix all the mistakes in each Pennsylvania divorce form to file for dissolution of marriage.
  • Editing the papers and scheduling the visit to the court requires lots of time. You will hours of free time for searching online for the freshest forms, filling out the documents and fixing mistakes to meet all the requirements of the court.

However, with our service of preparing PA divorce papers online, you will get not only ready-to-use forms for your dissolution of marriage but also a detailed guide on how to fill out each PA divorce form.

Uncontested Divorce in PA Online

The Advantages of the Uncontested Divorce in PA Online

Filing for divorce in Pennsylvania online has plenty of great benefits. Being one of the fastest and the most modern solutions for collecting divorce documents, our legal breakup provider always offers top-quality papers upon request.

Filing for divorce in PA without an attorney with the help of our service will help you to save an amazing sum of money. Most spouses have limited budgets, so we’ve made our service as cheap as possible to make sure it is affordable for most couples.

Collecting the divorce papers by yourself or with the help of the local lawyer is always a long and stressful process. However, if you file for divorce in PA online, you will get all the needed forms in less than 30 minutes.

Our service is amazingly easy.  You don’t need to have any legal knowledge or the requirements for your divorce forms. The only thing you will need is to fill out a simple questionnaire to allow our managers to pick up the personalized forms for you.

The entire process of collecting the forms for an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania is made online. There is no need to visit our company’s offices or communicate with divorce managers.

Being one of the most reliable services for online dissolution of marriage, we meet the highest security standards. All the information about our customers is securely protected by 256 bit encryption.

We always analyze each application we receive to provide the most suitable divorce package for each legal breakup case. You will get only those papers required for your personal dissolution of marriage.

Having an easy divorce in PA online is possible for spouses with kids. Our service will provide you with all the needed documents regarding taking care of your children.

We are hiring only the real experts in the divorce area. Collecting the divorce papers is a really responsible job. We are proud of our team of professionals, who offer the best service for online dissolution of marriage.

We guarantee that all the documents, offered by our service, are approved by the court. We always provide with only freshest and up-to-date forms for each divorce case.

Unlike most divorce solutions, we have a skilled support team. Feel free to ask any questions regarding our service via phone or email. Our support managers are always ready to assist.

Our company has fair and understandable pricing that has no hidden payments. You always get what you’ve paid for.

We are a top-notch and accurate service that will keep you in touch with only the most important steps of collecting your divorce forms.

How to get a divorce in PA without a lawyer? With our professional service, you can effortlessly get a cheap uncontested divorce in PA without any consultations of the local lawyer.

How to File for Divorce in PA Online?

Filing for the legal breakup with the help of our service is simple as 1-2-3. How to file for divorce in Pennsylvania? Just follow these 3 steps for online dissolution of marriage.

  1. Sign up on our website
  2. Fill out the questionnaire
  3. Get all the documents right in your email box
PA Divorce Papers

How to Fill out Your Pennsylvania Divorce Papers?

Filling out the divorce documents is often as difficult, as collecting the divorce papers for your legal breakup. However, our service always takes care of all our customers. All the clients will receive a unique guide on filling out the divorce documents for free! Now, you will be able to avoid making the most common mistakes in your papers and get a fast and easy divorce within the shortest terms.

divorce mediation PA

PA Divorce Mediation: The Basic Facts​

Divorce mediation in PA is an obligatory step of any dissolution of marriage in the state. PA divorce mediation process usually involves a third-party mediator, who helps the spouses to overcome the hardest divorce issues. The mediator can help you to come to an agreement regarding the most important aspects of your legal breakup. This includes alimony, child care, dividing the property, support, and other issues. As a rule, divorce mediation requires no more than 5 sessions.

How Much Does a Divorce Cost in PA?

The cost for the dissolution of marriage depends on many factors. The most considerable role plays the type of divorce you are going to have.

How much does it cost to file for divorce in PA? The filing fees may vary is different state’s counties. The average cost of the uncontested divorce, when both parties agree with all the aspects of the legal breakup, is around $14,000. In case you are planning to have a contested divorce, the cost of your dissolution of marriage can easily exceed $20,000. Therefore, most spouses try to get the uncontested dissolution of marriage to save their time and money. Contested divorces usually take place in case the spouses have completely different views on their dissolution of marriage or remain to have a serious conflict regarding any divorce field.

How Long Does a Divorce Take in PA?

The terms of the finalization of the divorce vary. The fewer issues you have, the faster you are likely to get a legal breakup. Therefore, uncontested divorces are usually completed faster than contested ones. In case both of you agree to have a legal breakup, you only have to wait 90 days. This is an obligatory waiting period for all types of divorces.

How long do you have to be separated before divorce in PA? The waiting period for filing a unilateral (where one spouse wants it, the other does not) no-fault dissolution of marriage went from two years to one.

In case you would like to have a miraculously fast legal breakup with no stress, our online solution is always ready to assist with collecting all the forms for your dissolution of marriage. Being one of the pioneers in the field, we always offer an excellent service to all our clients. We know our job perfectly and will easily prepare your divorce package in a blink of an eye. Easy divorce is finally affordable for all the spouses!

Still hesitate, whether to start using our service? Learn more about our company and the papers we provide in our testimonials. In case you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.  

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