Online Divorce in Pennsylvania: Available Options

Court-approved forms for filing for divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer.

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Why Get Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania Online?

Spouses who want to end their marriage legally can request it to be done on either a fault or a no-fault basis:

  • In a fault-based marriage dissolution, one of the divorcees blames the other for the breakdown of their relationship due to one of the state-approved reasons such as adultery, cruelty, abandonment for more than a year, and others. Besides, lots of such divorces are contested, meaning that spouses do not agree on how to distribute their possessions. In such a case, both spouses have to hire lawyers and go through a few court proceedings where a judge will make decisions on how to divide marital property and who will have custody over kids, if any.
  • In a no-fault divorce, spouses most often end their marriage based on mutual consent. This means that they have reached an agreement on financial and child-related aspects of their marriage dissolution and, thus, have a chance to file for an uncontested divorce in PA. An uncontested divorce is the simplest and fastest way to end a marriage as there is no need for a judge to make decisions on behalf of spouses and, consequently, no need for hearings.

Most couples prefer filing for an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania mainly because:

  • When there is a clear agreement, spouses almost always know the outcome of the marriage dissolution – no one is making decisions for them.
  • In PA, an uncontested divorce process is much easier and quicker than contested fault-based cases. It can be finalized in record time – about 3-3,5 months, and there is no need to go to a hearing.
  • Hiring a lawyer is optional as there are other ways to deal with the paperwork and the filing process.

How to complete divorce forms in PA if you do not have an attorney? It can be done pretty easily with the help of PAOnlineDivorce. After you answer a few questions on our website, we will gladly provide you with a set of papers chosen and filled out for your divorce case for just $139. Moreover, we will add a filing guide to your document package to help you go through your marriage dissolution successfully.

Why Choose Us?

Filing for divorce in PA online, i.e., getting your divorce paperwork online, has plenty of great benefits. Here are just a few of them:


It is very easy to use our service. You do not need to have any legal knowledge – just fill out a simple questionnaire, and we will send you a package of filled-out forms.


Filing documents without an attorney will help you save a huge sum of money. Most spouses have limited budgets, so we’ve made our service as cheap as possible to make sure it is affordable for most couples.


We guarantee that the documents our clients get are court-approved and up-to-date.


Our system analyzes each application to provide the most suitable document package for each case. You will get only those papers that are required for your marriage dissolution situation.


If you have kids, we will provide you with all the necessary documents that cover aspects related to childcare and child support for no extra fees.


Feel free to ask any questions regarding our services via chat, phone, or email. Our support managers are ready to assist you 24/7.


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How to File for Divorce in Pennsylvania Without a Lawyer

When you are splitting up with your partner, it’s important to keep your expectations realistic. A marriage dissolution is a rather long process, and there are quite a few issues you might face on the way. Does that mean that a quick divorce is not possible? No. However, the time it will take to get it finalized partially depends on you.

Under Pennsylvania divorce laws, couples are allowed to file for a no-fault uncontested divorce. It is a preferable option for most divorcees as it takes less time and is significantly simpler than a contested process. Since an uncontested divorce is an easier option, spouses who consider it often wonder whether there is a way to minimize their expenses. The answer is yes. A couple can get a divorce in PA without a lawyer if they are able to come to an agreement on the divorce-related issues and thus save themselves thousands of dollars.

Divorce filing in PA is not overly complex, and no hearing may be required if you and your spouse already have an agreement regarding your marriage dissolution. In such a case, there will be no need to hire a legal representative to advocate for your interests in court.

To file for divorce in PA without a lawyer, you need to agree on the following:

  • Distribution of property and assets.
  • Division of jointly owned businesses and shares.
  • Repayments of debts and loans.
  • Alimony and how long it is going to be paid for.
  • Custody, visitations, and child support if you have kids.

In PA, filing for divorce without a lawyer is not as complicated as it might seem. If you order your paperwork online from PAOnlineDivorce, you will receive not only court-approved divorce documents but also instructions on how to file them and what to expect on each stage of the process.

How to Complete a Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Pennsylvania?

When spouses do not want to get any outside help with their marriage dissolution, they opt for a do-it-yourself divorce in PA. In this case, they have to search for the necessary forms, fill them out, and file them on their own. In PA, DIY divorce can be initiated if spouses:

  • Are in full agreement. If divorcees are on the same page when it comes to the division of their property and debts and have decided who will have custody of children and pay child support, they can try a do-it-yourself divorce in PA.
  • OR have been separated for a 1-year period if the abovementioned does not apply. Separation implies living apart or maintaining separate households and having no marital relationships.
  • AND meet PA residency requirements. Either spouse should have lived in the state for 6 months before filing for a marriage dissolution there.

If these requirements are met, you can do the following to initiate a do-it-yourself divorce in PA:

  • Find the court forms. In PA, do-it-yourself divorce papers can be found on the Web on various resources. However, it is rather hard to make sure that they are court-approved and up-to-date, which is why spouses may get a rejection when submitting such forms to the court.
  • Choose the right documents for your case. Check the forms for uncontested cases, open and read the contents of each paper, and determine which ones are suitable for your situation.
  • Complete the paperwork. Carefully read each question in every form you need to fill out and answer it fully and truthfully. If you make a mistake, do not provide the required information, or answer any question incorrectly, you will have to fill out the forms again and resubmit them, as they will be rejected by the court.
  • Print and file the papers. Make copies of all documents and sign them in respective fields. The court will take the originals and give you the stamped copies back – one for you to keep, and the other one to serve on your spouse.

If you are not sure you can cope with preparing the divorce documents entirely on your own but also do not want to spend a lot of money on a lawyer, our company will be glad to help you with your paperwork for only $139. This way, you won’t have to spend time on research, struggle to fill out the forms, or wonder if your documents will be accepted by the court. You will have to answer only a few questions to receive a full set of papers chosen to meet your divorce needs.

Information You Need to Get Pennsylvania Divorce Papers Online

There are quite a few questions that you will need to answer in PA divorce papers and to do it right, you will have to remember a lot of dates, addresses, and personally-identifying information of everyone involved in the case. As it is unlikely that you can recall everything precisely, it is important to look up all the necessary info to easily access it once you are ready to deal with the forms. To fill out or get PA divorce papers online, you will need to write down:

  • Full names, dates of birth, and current addresses of both spouses.
  • Marriage date and place.
  • Financial data for both spouses (annual income, SSN, taxes, and debts).
  • Employment information (names and addresses of employers, wages, job position, etc.).
  • Info about personal property (savings, bank accounts, vehicles, joint businesses, stocks) and real property (description, addresses, etc.).
  • Debts and obligations, such as loans, mortgages or rents.
  • Names, dates of birth, and place of residence of your children.

There might be more information required to fill out divorce papers in PA, depending on the specific forms you require.

What Pennsylvania Divorce Forms Will You Get?

In Pennsylvania, divorce forms that you will have to file depend on your individual case. Some of the basic ones required are:

  1. Notice to Defend and Divorce Complaint
  2. Affidavit of Non-Military Service
  3. Affidavit of Consent
  4. Divorce Decree
  5. Self-Represented Party Entry of Appearance

If you have property to divide or there are minor children in your marriage, you will need to file additional paperwork.


To initiate the divorce process, one of the spouses must file PA divorce forms at the local office of a court clerk and pay the court fees. After that, it would be necessary to provide a spouse with copies of the paperwork, get them to sign an Affidavit that proves they were served, file it with the court, and submit the Affidavit of Consent along with other mandatory forms once the waiting period is over.

Residency Requirements

Either one or both spouses must have resided in Pennsylvania for at least 6 months before they can file for divorce there.

Waiting Period

There is a 90-day waiting period after you file divorce papers in PA and serve them on your spouse. At the end of it, you are legally allowed to file an Affidavit of Consent so that a court can issue a Divorce Decree.

Getting a Divorce in Pennsylvania With a Child

To get a divorce in PA with a child, you and your spouse need to agree on:

Getting a divorce in PA with a child, your primary goal is to consider what decisions would be in the best interest of your kids. The arrangements that you have made with your spouse might be declined in case a judge believes you have not taken children’s wishes and interests into account. For example, if you and your spouse live far away from each other and the kid has to move from one residence to the other way too often during the week, it may be necessary to reconsider this decision.

Also, note that there are specific guidelines used to calculate child support payments in the state. The final sum will depend on the number of kids and both your and your spouse’s incomes after tax. You may use a court-approved child support calculator to determine the sum one of you will need to pay after getting a divorce in PA.



Can I file for divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer?

Yes, you can. If you file for a no-fault divorce and reach an agreement with your spouse regarding the distribution of marital property and other financial aspects, as well as decide who will have custody and pay child support, you will be able to get a divorce without a lawyer.

How to file for uncontested divorce in the state of Pennsylvania?

  • Check whether you or your spouse meet the residency requirement of the state, i.e. have lived there for at least half a year.
  • Fill out the divorce documents, file them in your county court, and pay the court fees.
  • Serve the documents to your spouse and file the Affidavit they sign.
  • After the 90-day waiting period, you may expect the judge to review your case and sign the Decree of Divorce.

Where do I go to file for uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania?

To start an uncontested divorce in PA, you may file it at a local court clerk’s office. Make sure you meet the state residency requirements before you do.

What divorce forms do you need to start a divorce in Pennsylvania?

Any divorce process in PA starts with filing a Complaint Packet, which includes a Notice to Defend and a Complaint. In case you decided to have a divorce without a lawyer, you must file a Praecipe for Self-Representation. You may also have to fill out some other forms covering marital debts, alimony, and property distribution.

How much does a divorce cost in PA?

The filing fee in PA is around $300 and varies depending on the county. The average cost of uncontested divorce when both parties agree with all the aspects of the marriage dissolution is around $11,000 if spouses hire attorneys. In a contested divorce, the costs can easily exceed $20,000.

How long does a divorce take in Pennsylvania?

The time it takes to finalize the divorce varies depending on your situation. In case both of you agree to split and have reached an agreement on everything related to your divorce prior to initiating it, you only have to wait for 90 days. The waiting (separation) period for filing for a unilateral no-fault divorce where one spouse wants to end the marriage but the other does not is currently 1 year.

How long do you have to be a resident of PA state to file for divorce?

Under PA family law, prior to filing for divorce, at least one spouse must have been a permanent resident of the state for 6 months.