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Uncontested Divorce in Pennsylvania Online

Pennsylvania is a state, where there are two possible ways to dissolve your marriage: fault and no-fault. In case of obvious wrongdoing of another party the person who files for divorce might plead it in front of court and in that case the fault divorce takes place.

If the spouses are not willing to allege the fault and would like to split up due to irretrievable breakdown, they are legally allowed to proceed with mutual consent divorce.

Contingent upon spousal agreement regarding post-divorce issues (like children’s custody, including childcare and residency of the child, financial matters (debts and alimony) and acquired assets distribution) the couple can undergo uncontested divorce in PA, so that there would be no necessity to hire a divorce lawyer. On these terms uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania can be obtained when a couple demonstrates the total consent in relation to mentioned above issues.  That could be performed with submitting a divorce agreement to that court while filing the papers or any time before the court would consider the divorce to be finalized.

In the event of Pennsylvania uncontested divorce, the attorney would be required for guiding through a divorce process and for familiarization with general family law procedures. PA uncontested divorce process is pretty simple and on the assumption that the couple is cognizant of the steps they will pass courts allow to file for divorce without a legal representative for each spouse.

Judging from mentioned above, the couples are also legally allowed to file for divorce online, for example with a help of PA Online Divorce, where they get the up-to-date court approved forms after filling out a questionnaire for a fixed price.

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Filing for divorce in Pennsylvania online has plenty of great benefits. Here are just a few of them:


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For spouses with kids, we will provide all the necessary documents that cover all issues related to childcare and child support.


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Filing for Divorce in Pennsylvania Without a Lawyer

When you splitting up with your partner, it’s important to make your expectations realistic. A marriage dissolution is a rather long process and there are quite a few issues you might face on the way. Does that mean that a quick divorce is not possible? No. However, the time it will take to get it finalized partially depends on you. Under Pennsylvania divorce laws, couples are allowed to file an uncontested divorce, which could be done much easier and faster than the contested one.

Since the uncontested divorce is a simpler option, spouses who consider this option might wonder whether it would be possible to proceed with their divorce without getting a lawyer. Divorce in PA without a lawyer can be performed in case if participants are aware on how the process would go and if they are able to settle the agreement on the divorce-related issues. Summarizing mentioned above we could assume that divorce filing in PA is easily achieved without a legal representative if there is mutual consent between participants.

The important note regarding PA filing for divorce without a lawyer is that both spouses must express their agreement legally, it means that they file an affidavit that declares their consent to divorce within 90 days since divorce papers were filed. Since the moment court receives and approves the affidavit, the marriage could be dissolved even without hearing appointed.

Couples with children who are willing to file a divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer are also allowed to have a mutual consent divorce and they are also eligible to establish parenting duties both before and after the divorce is filed. Still, the same couldn’t be applied to property division and alimony matters as there appears a chance to lose the right of bringing financial claims once a divorce is granted.

How to Complete a Do It Yourself Divorce in Pennsylvania?

When a couple realize the basics of a divorce litigation and is sure that none of divorce parties would contest the divorce circumstances mentioned in Petition, they are legally allowed to have do it yourself divorce in PA. The initial step would be to make sure whether they meet Pennsylvania residency requirements and both are willing to proceed with signing divorce documents alongside the property distribution, spousal support and other financial issues (like acquired loans or debts) prior the divorce is completed as once the court grants a divorce the right to any financial claims or disputes is lost.

On the assumption mentioned above is fulfilled and understood, the couple may start PA diy divorce with completing current divorce forms and notifying the court about self-representation via Praecipe, where the participants inform the judge that there wouldn’t be a lawyer for any of sides who represents their interest. Under current legislation to proceed with a do it yourself divorce PA family laws demand a Complaint to be filed. Plaintiff files it in the court clerk’s office and it is important to have at least three copies available – one is kept in the court, another one would be served to the Defendant and the third one is for the person, who files. As soon as the divorce is filed at court and the court fees are paid, the papers could be served to another party.

To serve the papers to a respondent party, a husband or wife who initiated a divorce might either serve them with legally acknowledged ways, or, if the Defendant agrees to a divorce and has signed the Acceptance of Service form, by the regular mail. Keep in mind that to proceed with Pennsylvania do it yourself divorce, you are obliged to file the response at court once again within 30 days since the paper were delivered and signed by a respondent spouse.

As soon as all of the required documents were filed, waiting period is over and forms were handed over to the judge, the last would review and sign the Divorce Decree, so that do it yourself divorce in PA is finalized and since the moment of that the couple is considered as no longer married.

Pennsylvania Divorce Papers Online

Prior filling out PA divorce papers online make sure the general information related to your marriage is at hand. You will have to complete plenty of factual data, so you better take care about having all the documents of both you and your spouse or their copies available not to get distracted for searching of necessary license or certificate. To fill out Pennsylvania divorce papers you are likely to need:

  • full names, dates of birth, current addresses of both spouses;
  • marriage date and place;
  • financial data for both spouses (annual income, taxes and debts);
  • employment-related information (name and address of employer, wages and type of work performed);
  • personal (savings, bank accounts, vehicles, joint business, stocks) and real property data;
  • debts and obligations, such as loans, mortgages or rents;
  • names, dates of birth, place of residence of your children.

Pennsylvania Divorce Forms

If the couple decides to have a mutual consent divorce and decide to provide self-representation at court, moreover they have agreed all the financial and property issues prior filling out PA divorce forms, they should clearly realize what are the demanded documents which they can obtain if they use PA Online divorce service. It is important to ascertain the fact, that the forms to be completed depend on individual circumstances of a couple who is getting divorced. It is also worth to mention, that self-representation at court doesn’t mean that the fillers would be provided with legal aid from judge or court clerk on how to complete divorce forms in PA .

Below you can get familiarized with a general list of Pennsylvania divorce forms which you would have to file:

  1. Praecipe for Self-Representation.
  2. Complaint Packet (Form 4 Complaint and Form 3 Notice to Defend and Claim Rights).
  3. Affidavid of Consent.
  4. Additional forms related to property distribution and financial matters.

The Divorce Procedure

To initiate the process, one of the spouses must submit the court forms at the Office of the Prothonotary (also called the court clerk). Once the divorce documents are prepared, one of the spouses who initiated the process should make two copies of the documentation, pay court fees, and send the original papers, the copies, and a certified check along with a self-addressed envelope to the court-house to get started.

Residency Requirements

Under state laws if the couple wants to fill out divorce papers in PA, either one or both spouses must have resided in Pennsylvania for at least 6 months before they decide to file for divorce.

Waiting Period

There are two strictly determined time-spans which require special attention for those who file divorce papers in PA. The first one is related to serving the papers – they must be delivered to a respondent spouse no longer than within 30 days since they were filed in court clerk’s office.

The second one is 90-days term, at the end of which you are legally allowed to file an Affidavit of Consent and the court is able to issue a Divorce Decree.

Getting a Divorce in Pennsylvania With a Child

Under state laws, getting a divorce in PA with a child doesn’t differ from the one without, excluding the post-divorce parental duties, childcare and alimony issues. They might be work out before you file your divorce papers or later on separately. It means that you are legally allowed to get a divorce in Pennsylvania with a child if you file your documents first and resolve your parental issues and settle the agreement on how to bring up your children after the divorce Complaint was filed.

Some parents might be arranged by court to visit parenting classes, however that depends on the county where the couple is getting a divorce in PA. To conclude, divorce procedures are designed that way, so the parents would be able to ensure children’s well-being post-divorce.


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Can I file for divorce in Pennsylvania without a lawyer?

Yes, you can. Lawyers’ services are incredibly expensive. Also, you will need to wait for at least a few days or even weeks to get a lawyer’s consultation. Therefore, if your divorce is uncontested, it will be so much faster to file a divorce without a lawyer online.

How to file for uncontested divorce in the state of Pennsylvania?

To file for an uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania, first, you should check whether you meet the residency requirement of the state. After that, you need to fill the documents for divorce and file it to your county court. After paying the court fees, you have to serve the documents to your spouse and wait until the judge reviews your case and signs the Decree of Divorce.

Where do I go to file for uncontested divorce in Pennsylvania?

To start an uncontested divorce in PA, you may file it at court clerk’s office or do it from courthouse or personal computer in order to file it online.

What divorce forms do you need to start a divorce in Pennsylvania?

Any divorce procedure in PA starts with filling a Complaint Packet, which includes a Complaint Form 4 and Notice to Defend and Claim Rights Form 3. In case you decided to have a divorce without a lawyer, you must file a Praecipe for Self-Representation. You also would have to fill out some other forms regarding marital debts, alimony and property distribution.

How much does a divorce cost in PA?

The filing fee in Pennsylvania is around $300, the price may vary depending on the county. The average cost of the uncontested divorce, when both parties agree with all the aspects of the breakup, is around $14,000. In case you are planning to have a contested divorce, the cost of your dissolution of marriage can easily exceed $20,000.

How long does a divorce take in Pennsylvania?

The terms of the finalization of the divorce vary. In case both of you agree to split, you only have to wait 90 days. This is an obligatory waiting period for all types of dissolution. The waiting period for filing for a unilateral no fault divorce (where one spouse wants it, the other does not) is currently 1 year.

How long do you have to be a resident of PA state to file for divorce?

Under PA family law, prior filing for divorce, at least one spouse must have been a permanent resident for at least 6 months.