Cheap Divorce Options in Pennsylvania

cheap divorce in Pennsylvania

As the average cost of attorney services in Pennsylvania is $250 per hour, it is not a surprise that many Americans can’t afford a divorce. The cost of divorce in PA varies across the state and mostly depends on the willingness of spouses to cooperate. The more likely divorcees are to reach an agreement, the more options are available to them to end their marriage.


Options for Cheap Divorce in PA

To understand which options are available to you, it is important to determine what type of divorce you qualify for:


Happens when spouses are unable to resolve their disputes and have to let the court make a final decision.

Each spouse has to hire an attorney, pay thousands in legal fees, and be present at multiple court hearings.

There are no alternatives, and the only way to save money would be to hire a lawyer who charges less than others or come to an agreement on as many things as you can.


Is available to spouses who are in full agreement concerning child custody and support, alimony, and asset division.

Hiring a lawyer is an option but is not a must, and there are very cheap alternatives such as a do-it-yourself divorce and help from an online service.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Filings Forms

A do-it-yourself divorce in Pennsylvania is a perfect option for couples on a budget. The only expenses spouses should consider are the filing fees in court.

Here are the basic steps of a DIY process:

  • Check if you meet the residency requirements of the county where you plan to file and that you are in complete agreement with your ex to get an uncontested marriage dissolution.
  • Search for the forms. Make sure that you have a full packet of court-approved papers required for your specific case.
  • Fill out your paperwork. Research all the unknown words and terms, and make sure you understand the question before you answer it.
  • Review the forms. Make sure there are no mistakes as they might be a ground for court rejection.
  • Print, sign, and file the forms. Please note that some PA divorce papers should only be signed in front of a notary.

Finding the suitable forms, filling them out correctly, and filling them all properly might pose a challenge for a person with no legal background. If you make a mistake completing any of the abovementioned steps, it’s likely that a clerk will not accept your paperwork and you will have to repeat the whole process.

That is why more and more couples prefer working with online divorce companies who can help with the most complicated steps for a small fee.

Online Divorce Papers Preparation Service

If you want to file for divorce in PA without any hassle and spending days on finding and filling in the correct paperwork, an online service is a place to go.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s easy. If you have no-fault divorce, all you need to do is to file the right forms and follow the court-mandated processes. An online service can provide you with filled out documents and filing instructions for those purposes.
  • It’s cheap. Online divorce companies charge less than a lawyer does per hour!
  • It’s fast. You can get your paperwork in 1, 3, or 5 days depending on your preferences.
  • It’s safe. Companies helping with Pennsylvania online divorce guarantee court approval of your documents and the safety of your personal information.

Cheap divorce in PA is not necessarily the one you have to deal with all on your own. By paying only $139, you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on your marriage dissolution and make sure you file for it successfully.

Divorce Mediation Options

There are some situations when the couple needs mediation, even if they decided to engage in an uncontested divorce. Mediation is a procedure during which spouses try to settle with the help of a third party. This service is essential in cases when certain disagreements cannot be agreed upon.

Unfortunately, mediation affects the overall price considerably. The service of a mediator for divorce will cost approximately $3,000 – $6,000 in the state of Pennsylvania. This price usually includes a few sessions and preparation of a Divorce Settlement Agreement.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Cheap Divorce

Divorce process is never easy, and there can be some challenges on your path:

  • Struggling with court procedures. This issue concerns a DIY option. The biggest challenge is collecting, filling in, and filing the paperwork in such a way that it won’t be rejected by the court.
  • Dealing with complicated situations. There are some cases when couples have no choice but to hire a lawyer or a mediator. Sometimes, it’s better to ask for professional help rather than face serious issues on your own.
  • Choosing the wrong service. Finding a reliable divorce provider is crucial as it is a guarantee of your successful marriage dissolution. That’s why, it is essential to choose the service with many years of operation as well as lots of favorable reviews.

What to Do When You Have No Money to File for Divorce?

The average filing fees in the state are approximately $300-400, depending on the county. For some couples, the cost to file for divorce in Pennsylvania is unaffordable. However, those spouses who have financial struggles may get a free divorce in PA.

To do it, it is necessary to file an Affidavit to Proceed in Forma Pauperis and explain the financial situation. If the reasons why the filing spouse cannot pay the court fees are considered valid by the judge, there will be no need to do it.

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