Terms and Conditions

Please note that by using this Website in any way, you agree to the Terms and Conditions outlined herein and are legally required to abide by them. If you do not agree to follow these Terms and Conditions, you cannot access this Website.

By visiting the Website and/or creating an Account, you confirm that you are of legal age and that you read, understood, and agreed to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Please, do not access this Website by any means if you are legally prohibited from doing so for any reason.

All prices in these Terms and Conditions are indicated in US dollars.

If you have any questions, send us an email to support@paonlinedivorce.com.

1.    Interpretation

1.1. “Access” refers to the ability of a Customer to use the Software.

1.2. “Account” is a personal profile that you can create after indicating your email address and choosing your password on our Website.

1.3. “Customer” refers to a person who made a purchase on the Website.

1.4. “Extras” refer to paid features and services that are not available within the Standard Subscription.

1.5. “Features” refer to the ability of the Customer to provide and edit answers in the Questionnaire, submit the answers, and download UD Forms.

1.6. “Installment Plan” refers to an option that allows you to pay for the Standard Subscription in a few payments, each referred to as Installment Payment.

1.7. “Installment Plan Features” refer to the ability of the Customer to provide and edit answers in the Questionnaire without being able to access other Features before making full payment for the Service (paying off all Installment Payments)

1.8. “Petitioner” refers to a person who files or plans to file UD Forms and initiate a divorce case.

1.9. “Questionnaire” refers to a logical system with a set of divorce-related questions that a Customer has to answer for a Software to produce a set of filled out and case-specific Uncontested Divorce Forms.

1.10. “Respondent” refers to a person whose spouse is a Petitioner.

1.11. “Software” and/or “Service” is an online application available through the Website that allows a Customer to automatically identify and fill out Uncontested Divorce Forms based on the Customer’s Questionnaire answers.

1.12. “Standard Subscription” refers to a paid 45-day Access to the Service given to a Customer.

1.13. “Subscription Renewal” refers to an additional payment made by the Customer to get Access to the Service after the 45-day Access granted within Standard Subscription elapses.

1.14. “Uncontested Divorce Forms” or “UD Forms” within these terms and conditions refer to divorce documents a person may use to file for Uncontested Divorce as a pro se litigant, given that their spouse agrees to and is legally capable of signing the forms requiring their signature.

1.15. “Uncontested Divorce” within these Terms and Conditions refers to a type of no-fault divorce that a Petitioner can only file for if they know the location of the Defendant, meet the state requirements for filing, and are in complete agreement with the Defendant on matters related to the outcomes of their divorce, such as but not limited to asset and debt division, custody, child support, and alimony (spousal support).

1.16. “We,” “our,” “us,” and/or “the company” means and refers to Boosters Lab Inc.

1.17. “Website” refers to paonlinedivorce.com.

1.18. “You” and/or “your” means you, the end-user, visitor, and/or the Customer, accessing the Website and any of its contents and/or purchasing services through the Website.

2.    Service

2.1. Standard Subscription costs $139 (“SS Cost”). It gives Customer Access to all Features of the Software.

2.2. If you want to use the Installment Plan to make the payment for the Standard Subscription, please refer to the Installment Plan section of these Terms and Conditions.

2.3. If you have Access to the Software, you may:

2.3.1. Edit answers without incurring additional charges except as outlined in clauses below.

2.3.2. Change the state where you plan to file to another one for 50% of the SS Cost.

2.3.3. Change the name of the Petitioner to the name of the Respondent and vice versa without incurring additional charges.

2.3.4. Change the name of the Petitioner and/or the name of the Respondent to other names for 100% of the SS Cost, except for the case stated in 2.3.3.

2.4. You may not interfere with the Features of the Software or reproduce it. This Software is owned exclusively by the Company.

3.    Guarantees

3.1. We guarantee that UD Forms you receive from us will be approved by the court if:

3.1.1. The Petitioner files them within 30 days after we upload them to your Account.

3.1.2. The Petitioner and the Defendant follow the appropriate filing process.

3.1.3. All of the answers you provided in the Questionnaire are correct, relevant, and up-to-date.

3.2. We guarantee that UD Forms will be available for download in your Account in no more than 5 days or within the timeline defined by the Extra you purchased after you submit the answers to the Questionnaire.

3.3. If the UD Forms you downloaded from your Account are rejected by the court, we would ask you to provide an official rejection letter from the court stating the rejection reason. We will not be able to take any action if such a letter is not provided or the rejection reason is not stated there. If the rejection occurred due to our mistake:

3.3.1. We will rectify the mistake without additional charges.

3.3.2. If you would not want us to correct the mistake, you will be eligible for a refund as per our Refund Policy.

4.    Refund Policy

4.1. We process all the refunds in accordance with our  Refund Policy.

5.    Privacy Policy

5.1. We gather, process, store, and share data in accordance with our  Privacy Policy. It also outlines how we work with third-party websites.

6.    Installment Plan

6.1. You may use an Installment Plan to pay for the Standard Subscription in two or more Installment Payments. After making the first Installment Payment, you will get Access to Installment Plan Features. You will be able to Access all the Features after all Installment Payments are paid off.

6.2. An Installment Plan available to you by default (“Default Installment Plan”) on the payment page after creating an Account consists of two fixed Installment Payments of $75 and $65. After making the first Installment Payment, you will have 30 days to make the second and final Installment Payment within the Default Installment Plan. Our Company will automatically charge your credit card $65 within the Default Installment Plan on the 30-day anniversary (“Payment Date”) of your first Installment Payment. You may make a final Installment Payment before the 30-day anniversary to gain Access to all Features.

6.3. You may contact a Company representative via a phone call, live chat, or email to customize your Installment Plan (make a “Customized Installment Plan”), i.e., to determine the number and sums of and the dates (“Payment Dates”) for making Installment Payments. After making the first Installment Payment within the Customized Installment Plan, you will not be able to change the agreed-upon Customized Installment Plan.

6.4. If any Installment Payment except for the first one is declined, we will attempt to charge your credit card up to five times for the sum determined within your chosen Installment Plan. If the Installment Payment is not made or successfully charged from Customer’s credit card on its respective Payment Date, such Installment Payment will be added to the next one, if any, and the Customer will be charged this combined amount on the next Payment Date and further Payment Dates, if any, in case the combined Installment Payment is not paid.

6.5. We may but are not obligated to send email reminders regarding the Payment Dates to your email address. If you did not receive an email reminder, you still have to make Installment Payments.

6.6. If any of the Installment Payments, except for the first one, are not made on designated Payment Dates, we may report the information about your Account to credit bureaus, and we will not be liable for the outcome.

6.7. If you want to dispute a charge to your credit card, you are obligated to notify us about it before you do so via an email to support@paonlinedivorce.com.

7.    Termination of Cooperation

7.1. Your Access to the Service will be terminated if:

7.1.1. You receive a refund as per our Refund Policy.

7.1.2. You violate these Terms and Conditions.

7.1.3. You choose to terminate your Access to our Service and inform us about it via support@paonlinedivorce.com.

7.1.4. A time of Access defined by the Standard Subscription elapses, and you do not prolong it by purchasing Subscription Renewal.

7.1.5. As part of our standard protocol, inactive Accounts are automatically purged after 18 months from the termination date of Full Access to the Service. Account deletion entails the complete eradication of all associated data, rendering it irretrievable for account recovery purposes.
Should you wish for an expedited deletion of your Account, you may submit a request. Upon receipt of your Account deletion request, the Account will undergo deactivation for 6 months, during which all associated data will be encrypted, and access to the service will be revoked. We retain data following account deactivation for legal purposes such as fraud prevention, accounting, and enforcement of our Terms of Use. This includes a device identifier, the email address linked to the Account, and a securely encrypted and hashed format of your payment details and questionnaire information. The term “hashing” indicates that while we can identify your payment method (or email) if reintroduced to our systems, we are unable to utilize this information for contacting you or processing payments. Questionnaire information remains encrypted and preserved, enabling us to furnish evidence of service delivery when resolving payment disputes.
You may reclaim Access to your Account within 6 months from the date of deactivation by requesting it via company email. Failure to request account renewal within this period will result in permanent deletion of the account and all associated data 6 months after the deactivation date.

8.    Limitations of Liability

8.1. We are not legal experts and do not give legal advice. Our Company is not associated with any law firm or lawyer.

8.2. The information provided on our Website or by any of the Company representatives cannot be considered or used as legal advice. If you believe that any representative of our Company has provided you with legal advice, do not use it.

8.3. None of the Company representatives and related parties can be held liable for damages arising from the misuse of our Service and information on our Website.

8.4. In the event that any dispute arises, the Company can only be held liable for the SS Cost paid by a Customer.

8.5. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy and validity of the information that you provide in the Questionnaire and any issues arising due to it.

8.6. The Company is not responsible for how the Uncontested Divorce Forms are used and cannot be held liable for their misuse.

9.    Visitor and Customer Obligations

9.1 Customer has to be fluent in English to gain Access and is obligated to fill in the Questionnaire in English.

9.2 Customer cannot use our service if:

9.2.1 The Petitioner or the Respondent is in prison.

9.2.2 The Petitioner or the Respondent is pregnant.

9.2.3 There is any type of protective or restraining order in place against either Petitioner or Respondent or either qualifies for such an order.

9.2.4 There have been or are currently cases of abuse or violence involving Petitioner or Respondent.

9.2.5 The Petitioner or the Respondent need their information to be safeguarded.

9.2.6 The Petitioner and Respondent have more than 6 children.

9.3 The Customer is solely responsible for providing full and accurate information in the Questionnaire.

9.4 The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring the accurate representation of information in UD Forms and informing the Company about any inaccuracies via Company email.

9.5 The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that UD Forms can be used for their divorce case.

9.6 The Visitor or Customer cannot:

9.6.1 Ask any Company representative for legal advice.

9.6.2 Use or hold the Company liable for the use of any information indicated on the Website or provided by a Company representative as legal advice.

9.7 The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that a Petitioner or the Respondent qualifies for any relief they request from the court.

9.8 The Customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the court they file UD Forms in has jurisdiction over everyone mentioned in the UD Forms.

10.   Updates

10.1. We may update these Terms and Conditions at any time without any notification to you. Please review them periodically to make sure you are up-to-date with the changes.

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on March 22, 2024.